Feminine Oil and Feminine Wash

Gentle & Moisturizing


Cruelty Free

 Our products, blends, and ingredients are not tested on animals.



 Our all-natural products do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.


Handmade & Small Batch

 Our products are handmade in small batches from the purest and healthiest ingredients.


All Natural

& Organic

We craft our organic skincare products using farmed ingredients that are grown without the use of GMOs, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers

Try Our Beard Butter!

House of Holistics' Beard Butter is our #1 seller! Our beard butter is a fluffy and creamy balm that’s loaded with nurturing goodness to promote a full, soft, and luscious beard.


“I've been using my products for a few days now and I AM IN LOVE! The Feminine Wash is amazing! It smells so good! I've been getting compliments all day from women and men! I'm in love and I'll be back for more. I'm most definitely going to re-up on my Glimmer Goddess and next up I'm going to try the Feminine Oil!”

Brandy C.


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