The House of Holistics Beard Butter is our number 1 seller! Our beard butter is a light, fluffy, creamy balm that’s loaded with nurturing goodness to aid in promoting a full, thick, soft, luscious, hydrated beard and/or mustache. And best of all, its non-greasy!100% natural and organic (97% natural when a fragrance oil is used for scent). Say goodbye to rough, scratchy, prickly facial hair, and hello to a sexy full beard with just the right amount of luster and moisture.Our beard products smell so sexy and intoxicating, and is super effective at promoting growth. Pair our Beard Butter with our Beard Serum for optimal results.

Beard Butter

  • Shea and mango butters, Aloe, organic Hemp Seed oil, rose hip oil, distilled water ‘The House’ hair growth herbal blend base, essential oil blend, and love.


    This product contains no CBD or THC in its composition.