Our simple yet effective beard serum will have your beard on point!This serum is fast absorbing, non-greasy, and with its rich herbal base will definitely help promote a full, thick, soft, luscious beard and/or mustache, while keeping your skin underneath healthy, clear, and hydrated.Our serum helps to protect, nurture, and strengthen the facial hair and aids in slowing down the graying process. Use together with our Beard Butter for even better results. Kiss that rough, scratchy, prickly beard good ridden, and say “Hello” to a sexy full beard with just the right amount of luster and moisture.Plus our scents are amazing, super sexy, and intoxicating! 

Beard Serum

  • Oils of Jojoba, organic Hemp seed, Rosehip, Olive, Black Seed, & Coconut, healthy hair herbal blend, and essential oil blend.


    This product contains no CBD or THC in its composition.