Our newest and first non-vegan Yoni wash in soap bar form has arrived, and has surely become one of our favorites! 

**This Yoni bar includes honey, which means it’s not at all vegan.**

It’s meant to help achieve a gentle yet extremely effective clean, soothing, and moisturizing feel, and will leave you feeling very fresh all day long. 

This Yoni bar includes our special blend of herbs, honey, and essential oils which will keep you fresh, promote natural vaginal moisture, increase the libido, fights bacteria that may cause odor, yeast, and bacteria vaginosis. 

It also moisturizes delicate tissues, aids in lightening and evening dark spots, speeds the healing of outbreaks and reduces scarring. Oh, and did we mention how fresh it leaves you feeling?? 

This bar is sure to become an HOH fave of yours. Grab your own bar before they’re sold out. Pair this Yoni bar with our Cat Magick Yoni oil for even more vaginal health/hygiene effectiveness. 

You won’t be disappointed! 

Cat Magick Yoni Bar


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