Our HOH special blend of high quality organic herbs is here for all of our Queens looking for a natural alternative for common feminine discomforts, and to help maintain a healthy pH while keeping the reproductive organs healthy and toned. Our delicious blend will aid in relieving:

• PMS symptoms

• Cramps

• Headaches

• Bloating

• Breast tenderness/fullness

• Clotting

• Heavy flow

• Balancing the hormones

• Increases natural lubrication

• Boosts the libido

• Boosts fertility

• Helps to freshen and sweeten your natural aroma/taste. 😉


Add your favorite natural sweetener and a squeeze of lemon/lime, and enjoy. Includes tea bags, and a mini scooper spoon.

Pristine PunanTea

  • Burdock Root

    Raspberry Leaf

    Pao D' Arco

    Nettles... and more.