‘The Juice’ is a spiritual oil that will aid in increasing your mood and overall feeling of inner peace, joy, and happiness with yourself. It’s light enough to wear everyday, and will definitely cause you to feel giddy and joyful, naturally drawing in attention from everyone. Especially possible love interests. Trust me, this oil is potent!... and has received a powerful moon bath in the Scorpio Full Moon. ♥️ You will feel the magical effects take you over, and will definitely notice all the attention you will receive. You will feel confident, sexy, and full of love and joy.You may even draw in you soulmate or twin flame with this potent loving oil.This oil feels good and smells great with a light almost tropical or fruity scent created using only therapeutic grade essential oils. Use our self love/attraction oil to:• Increase self love and heart chakra healing• Lift your spirits and increase the feelings of inner joy, happiness, and giddiness• Draw attention to yourself from potential suitors• Lift your vibrations and make your aura radiate love• Dress self love candles, alter, crystals, jewelry, and tools• During heart and sacral chakra meditations• Dress the bottom of your feetWear in your hair• Add a splash to the laundry• Wear on your hot spots, I.e. the wrists, behind the ears, between the breasts, above the pubis area, inner thighs, back of the knees, and inner elbows.• Wear as an all over moisturizer• Plus more...

The Juice


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