This yummy luscious blend of ingredients is sure to tease the senses and leave your skin with a silky soft glow.We’ve infused this scrub with our “The Juice” love/attraction oil to amp the anti on this one. An I must say, it sure is magical. The luscious sensual juicy and  heady scent are all compliments of the special all natural essential oil blend we’ve created for this line. It smells absolutely delicious. Your partner won’t be able to stop touching you. We’ve also allowed this batch to steep in the recent powerful Full Moon in Scorpio. Increasing it’s loving vibes by one million thousand! I can’t wait to hear the stories that come about from this first batch. Enjoy! 😉Ingredients:- Pink Sea Salt- Pure Cane Sugar- “The Juice” Oil Blend- Essential Oil Blend- And lots and lots of loving sensual happy energy.

“The Juice” Body Polish


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