This magical concoction features African black soap, Jamaican black castor oil, and black seed oil, making this blend the perfect remedy for problematic skin. It’s wonderful for sensitive skin, and for use all over from head to toe. Even as a gentle deep cleaning shampoo for all hair types. We call her Magic because this wash will give your pores a deep clean, while attacking acne causing bacteria without striping your skin of its natural moisture. If you’re ready to kiss facial and body acne to the curb, and you’re after clear, clean, smooth and supple skin, give this wash a try. You’re gonna love it!

Triple Black Magic Face & Body Wash

  • Plaintain leaf, Palm leaf, Banana Bark, Cocoa pods, and Shea butter (African black soap), coconut oil, distilled water, Aloe juice, vegetable glycerine, Jamaican black castor oil, black seed oil, and essential oils.

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